Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings

We are the experts when it comes to real estate closings for both residential and commercial properties. Our attorneys will work alongside you to resolve any issues that might have come up in the buying or selling process. GEAUX TITLE provides negotiation assistance, document education, and error correction, among other services to ensure a more simple closing process.

Title Abstracts, Lien Searches, Title Insurance & Options

GEAUX TITLE offers a wealth of research and resources for title abstracts, lien searches, and title insurance. We lay out all of your options and walk you through each insurance policy until we find one that best suits you.

Our team also performs comprehensive lien searches for accurate results that can help you save money when it comes to buying or selling in real estate. Full disclosure of the property you are interested in will allow you to make a more informed and sound decision. Title abstracts are of great value in this case as well, since they lay out all of the transaction details surrounding the piece of land in question.

You can rest assured knowing you have us on your side!